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Amazing new tech

As an aspiring character designer I became excited and motivated when I seen the new Developer diary for the upcoming Rockstar game L.A. Noire. The amount of detail that they are able to achieve is stunning and brings the characters to life like I have never seen before. I cant imagine what it would be like for a character designer to see one of there creations come to life is such detail. Rockstars L.A. Noire is a Mature rated title and you’ll have to be at least 18 to view it. Hit the link below to see the video at

Developer Diary: The Technology Behind Performance

Cover to cover

When developing your skills and individual style it is important to take a look at what other artists are doing and have done. Aping you favorite illustrators in a sketch book is a great way to get the feel of a different style and strengthen your own. Even as kids many of us would copy what we seen in comic books  trying to reach the heights of the greats working with in the industry. Memories of doing this came flooding back to me when I came across a fantastic blog, Covered. Here you’ll find some extremely talented artists recreating classic comic book covers. Some are amazing upgrades while others range from humorous to almost abstract recreations, all of which are well worth seeing. I plan on trying to submit something myself soon. Hit up the link and check it out, great stuff!


As a life long fan of EC comics (especially Wally Wood)  I was thrilled when I came across Steven Thompson’s blog, Hooray for Wally Wood! dedicated to Woods work. Wally Woods use pencil and bold inking are that of legend. His work has been praised by Iconic illustrators such as Frank Frazetta and Robert Crumb to name a few. I always thought it was unfortunate that most young illustrators are unfamiliar with his work, which is criminal because I always felt that his ability to create balance and emphasize in is illustrations using a masterful balance of light and shadow is something to learn from and carry forth. Please check out the site, Steven does a phenomenal job of digging up Wally Wood news and work on a consistent basis.

Someone to know

Being a 3rd year VSCM student at ACAD, I’m starting to do more and more digital work. Without any previous experience it has been a fun but still frustrating road to learning how to properly use the tools in Photoshop as well as explore what is to me, a completely new medium. There are many video tutorials, most of which are to be honest, kind of useless a lot of the time. But I came across the website of an unbelievable character designer Jason Chan. Hit up the link to check out his work . I hope you find his work as inspiring as I did but beyond simply being an amazing digital artist Jason Chan is also an amazing teacher. Jason has a variety of affordable and extremely helpful tutorial videos available at Massive . Massive black not only features the videos of Jason Chan but also a variety of other talents to fit your style and personal preference. I hope you find it all as helpful as I did.