Someone to know

Being a 3rd year VSCM student at ACAD, I’m starting to do more and more digital work. Without any previous experience it has been a fun but still frustrating road to learning how to properly use the tools in Photoshop as well as explore what is to me, a completely new medium. There are many video tutorials, most of which are to be honest, kind of useless a lot of the time. But I came across the website of an unbelievable character designer Jason Chan. Hit up the link to check out his work . I hope you find his work as inspiring as I did but beyond simply being an amazing digital artist Jason Chan is also an amazing teacher. Jason has a variety of affordable and extremely helpful tutorial videos available at Massive Black.comĀ . Massive black not only features the videos of Jason Chan but also a variety of other talents to fit your style and personal preference. I hope you find it all as helpful as I did.

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